The Dolce series is built in the same mould as the Elegante. The continued commitment to
accuracy of pitch and flexible articulation is maintained. This beautiful
instrument will allow more aspiring artists than ever to
experience the joy of owning and performing
on a Pearl handmade flute.
Sterling Silver Headjoint with Silver Clad Body,
Footjoint and Keys, Drawn Tone Holes, Offset
Available options (CODA Models): The CODA options for both the Elegante and Dolce series bring elements of handmade professional instruments into the mid-range budget. CODA instruments offer 10K Gold lip, C# trill keys, B footjoint and D# roller all as standard-another industry first for Pearl.
Headjoints: Two remarkable headjoints are available for the Elegante and Dolce series:
The Forza headjoint produces unbelievable projection, combined with a dazzling rich tone.
The Largo headjoint offers a more traditional response, with a melodious and sweet character.
ModelKey StyleFootjointG KeySplit ECoda FeaturesCoda PackageBodyHeadjointHeadjoint CutCase
Open/Closed holeB/CInLine/OffsetC# trill/D# Roller10K Gold LipMaterialMaterial
695BE-2RBClosedBOffsetYesNoNoNoSilver PlatedSilverForzaWood/Cover
695RB-2RBOpenBInlineNoNoNoNoSilver PlatedSilverForzaWood/Cover
695RBE-2RBOpenBOffsetYesNoNoNoSilver PlatedSilverForzaWood/Cover
695RB-CDOpenBInlineNoYesNoNoSilver PlatedSilverForzaWood/Cover
695RBE-CDOpenBOffsetYesYesNoNoSilver PlatedSilverForzaWood/Cover
695RB-CODAOpenBInlineNoYesYesYesSilver PlatedSilverForzaWood/Cover
695RBE-CODAOpenBOffsetYesYesYesYesSilver PlatedSilverForzaWood/Cover