Drawn Tone Holes are extruded from the body of the flute and
produce a quick and resonant sound (All Models) Soldered Tone Holes
are individually sculpted to the body, and are known for their
nuance of articulation (Maesta & Opera)
For All Models
For All Models
Allows for secure attacks and smooth slurs to the
third octave E (available on All Models)
Facilitates many awkward trill and tremolo
fingerings and greatly improves the open C# (Dolce,
Elegante, Cantabile, Maesta & Opera)
Used to create a true G to A trill (cannot be used
with C# trill option (Maesta & Opera)
Unique roller system for exceptional agility on right
hand little finger (Dolce, Elegante, Cantabile,
Maesta & Opera)
Pearl is unique, by plating the Bore,
Exterior, as well as the Keys if
desired! This stunning 18K
Rose-Gold Plating is available on
any Handmade model.
Beautiful enhancement to help
with slipping due to perspiration
under performance conditions
(Maesta & Opera)
The Elegante and Dolce Models are available with options of
the Solid 10K Gold Lip, C# Trill Key and D# Roller.
The Solid 10K Gold Lip